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Moving Tips

Moving Tips


  • Start early. Moving is not just taking things from one place to another. Many people often underestimate the amount of their belongings and do not give enough time for packing.
  • Plan where things will go. Make a list of the rooms in your old place and compare them to your new place to make planning where things will go easier and more coordinated.
  • Share and delegate responsibilities. When moving with family, allocate task to each member and agree on the set goals and schedules.
  • Hire the best movers. Do not entrust your belongings to just anyone. Find referrals or check out their website.



  • Pack essential things in a separate suitcase. Think as though you will be having a three-day vacation and pack whatever you will need. These items will give you a way to function on unpacking days without going through boxes upon boxes just to find a tie or your toothbrush.
  • Create "Open First" boxes so that important or shared items become available when you unpack. Most rooms or items that need to be prioritized are the kitchen, shared bathroom(s), and utility tools that can help for unpacking.
  • Take it one room at a time and completely pack each before moving to the next.
  • Treat packing like Spring Cleaning. It can be a great chance to sort old things and decide whether you still need them. You can sort them in categories like things to Keep, Store, Donate, or Throw Away.
  • Rise above the task - use the top of a table or counter when packing boxes. Doing it on the floor can get rather tiring when picking up things and bending. Packing in a level will help you get more done.
  • For detachable furniture like tables or bookcases, tape the small parts such as screws, nuts, and bolts on the underside of the furniture to prevent lost and for convenience when they get reassembled.
  • Save space by using blankets, t-shirts, or pillows as padding when packing fragile items and it will also help you save for packing paper or packing peanuts.
  • Crisscross tapes on boxes to reinforce their strength instead of just taping the flaps or seams.
  • You can use a bathroom scale to make sure your boxes do not exceed a person's capability to lift it. A great rule of thumb is not going beyond 30 pounds on each box.


  • Take a picture of wirings or configurations of cords at the back of your entertainment or media system so that it will be easier and faster to put them back together. Put the photos on top of their boxes.
  • Use original packaging if still available because some moving boxes cannot really achieve perfect fit and empty spaces can shake your items.
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Moving Tips